The Future of Building

Our building system and structure, are engineered to withstand everything from devastating cyclones, floods, fire and hurricanes and meeting all your building code requirements for your location. Designing and specializing in providing safe, secure steel frame family homes and commercial structures for over 25 years, from the ground up.

American Made

All of our PLUS 1 Home Kits are 100% designed and fabricated in America, using all American materials.

All In One

All PLUS 1 Home models include everything you need to build your home includes: Architectural plans; Stamped frame engineering plans to state or county requirements; Frame layout and drawings; Frame assembly details; Pre-assembled galvanized steel frames including brackets and fittings; Onsight assembly Instructions; Home depot pick list for the additional products to complete the build.

All of our PLUS 1 Home Kits are



Build your perfect space. Whatever isn’t quite right about the room you are currently working or playing in at home, this is an opportunity to get it right.



Adding more space to your home is a costly time consuming process. The PLUS 1 Home Kits are the perfect opportunity to add another room without all the inconveniences and the mess that come along with renovations.

high quality


All of our steel frame kits come with a 50 year warranty and are manufactured using high quality steel made proudly in the USA from USA Steel.


PLUS 1 Home Kits introduces the Small Space© range, architecturally designed to provide extra-space outside of your home for personal use. This DIY system and Pre-assembled Framing Kit is designed for easy assembly on your own concrete slab.

Email us for the costs of a full package, including installation with all the finishes. Pick your colors and personalize your Small Space©

Small Space Enquiry
Do you require installation or kit only?
Are you wanting a full kit, including windows, doors and finishing inside and out, or just the outside?

Contact us today to get started

Something for everyone

Home Additions

Are you looking at adding a stand-alone work studio, storage, playroom, guest house, pool house, Backyard rental, granny flat, or something else? PLUS 1 Home Kits are here to make your experience easier and more affordable.

1 & 2 Bedroom and ADU's

We offer a number of 1 & 2 bedroom home kits that are built to your states specifications. All kits can be customized to meet your needs and bring your dreams in to reality.

Sunny Side - Render

3+ Bedroom

The home kits that offer 3 bedrooms or more are the perfect affordable alternative to your standard home.

Great designs, built for resilience and peace of mind

 With PLUS 1 Home Kits there are 3 ways you can build:


Do-it-yourself at home with friends or family members.


Hire a local subcontractor or handyman.


Call PLUS 1 Construction Services to handle all of your building needs.

The DIY System and steel frame PLUS 1 Home Kits are for every Do-it-Yourself who wants to create a beautiful-looking designer home without the added expense of paying a builder.

EASY: Pre-assembled/Panelised Numbered Steel frames, come with the proven easy to follow step-by-step DIY system and instructions making it so simple, you can enjoy the process of being an owner builder with confidence.

AFFORDABLE: Large cozy studio bedroom(s) designed with space for your own selection of bathroom fixtures and fittings to suit your personal needs.

INDIVIDUAL: Imagine your new home built exactly to your needs. Personalize your new home from every aspect as listed in the product pick list helping you to control your budget, meet your personal requirements and your local area requirements (county requirements and local housing styles).

EFFICIENT: Delivered to your worksite so you can unpack your new PLUS 1 Home Kit steel frame DIY kit and begin your building project straight away, on your own concrete slab.

HIGH QUALITY: All of our steel frame kits are manufactured using high-quality steel and come standard with a 50-year durability warranty, so you can make your decision to build risk-free. Our steel will never burn, shrink, twist or rot.

MODIFICATIONS: If you are wanting, adjustments on any of our plans, changing walls, room sizes, or locations of a room, or wanting the floor space bigger, contact us, and our team will be more than happy to assist and create your ideal home.

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What is a PLUS 1 steel kit?

Whether you roll up your sleeves and participate in assembling the PLUS 1 Home Kit yourself or take a more hands-off approach and manage the process, building your own Personal Luxury Space puts you in control of the buying and building experience.

From picking out your design to receiving all the materials to final assembly, the PLUS 1 way is the innovative solution to adding more space to your home.

Made in the USA with American Steel

G90 Galvanized American Steel is made for residential and commercial framing and is backed by a fifty year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Quality control is such that we can precision roll, cut and factory assemble to the highest standards that are expected.

Better than timber

Steel Frames are up to 70% lighter than timber. Our frames will not rot, shrink, twist or became unstable like timber when moisture is present. Our steel framing systems are a very stable product, which is not subject to the variations of nature’s settings.

Hurricane & Termite Proof

Our steel kit homes are made from, you guessed it – steel. We’ve found that this gives our customers peace of mind, knowing their home is built with durable materials, put together with professional engineering that’s designed to handle harsh weather conditions with strength and durability. Also, as a bonus, you can be sure that your home will have NO termites, be hurricane and cyclone proof as well as many more advantages!

Modifications to our designs

At PLUS 1 we understand your home or investment is unique to your personal taste/requirements, which is why we will adapt and change the design to meet these needs.

Notify your PLUS 1 Sales Associate of the modifications you’re interested in.

  1. Change position of walls or location of rooms
  2. Make rooms bigger or smaller
  3. Change the design of the roof, from a pitch to a slant roof or you have an idea of a roof design.
  4. Add or remove rooms
  5. Increase snow load rating or wind rating
  6. Create a different design of the same size. Contact us and let us design your dream.

Contact us today and let us design your dream

Need a Consultant or Contractor?

 Need help with your project? Our team can assist with the below:
  • Contractor Services
  • Engineers  Services
  • Site and Soil Survey
  • Septic Tank
  • Well Water
  • Purchasing Land
  • Grading and Utilities
just to name a few…
There are many more possible scenarios depending on your location and needs. We have the time and expertise to help you navigate through these waters.

Need Financing?

We can offer financing in all states.

Contact us today to discuss our financing options and how we can help make your dream a reality.
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