1 & 2 Bedroom Kits and ADU's

Homes designed in America, for America. Our proven self-build steel frame building system is easy and fast to erect and guaranteed to be resilient for you and your family’s safety.

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Great designs, built for resilience and peace of mind.


With the significant increase in severe weather events such as devastating floods, tornadoes, fire, and hurricanes our designers have created a range of homes to withstand these forces of nature and keep you safe. Designed with strength and resilience, PLUS 1 Home Kits are the solution to rebuild your home better and build stronger from the start.

Our steel frames are designed in-house, for America and with the aid of the latest in computer CAD systems. As a result, there is little or no waste, precise, true, and straight. We can offer you “supply only in the kit form” or if required, site erection of your frames in certain locations. Our framing system is simple to erect and construct by any builder or carpenter, general contractor, or DIY. Our high standards ensure your home is engineered better than standard and surpasses building code requirements.

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With PLUS 1 Home Kits there are 3 ways you can build:


Do-it-yourself at home with friends or family members.


Hire a local subcontractor or handyman.


Call PLUS 1 Construction Services to handle all of your building needs.

The DIY System and steel frame PLUS 1 Home Kits are for every Do-it-Yourself who wants to create a beautiful-looking designer home without the added expense of paying a builder.

EASY: Pre-assembled/Panelised Numbered Steel frames, come with the proven easy to follow step-by-step DIY system and instructions making it so simple, you can enjoy the process of being an owner builder with confidence.

AFFORDABLE: Large cozy studio bedroom(s) designed with space for your own selection of bathroom fixtures and fittings to suit your personal needs.

INDIVIDUAL: Imagine your new home built exactly to your needs. Personalize your new home from every aspect as listed in the product pick list helping you to control your budget, meet your personal requirements and your local area requirements (county requirements and local housing styles).


EFFICIENT: Delivered to your worksite so you can unpack your new PLUS 1 Home Kit steel frame DIY kit and begin your building project straight away, on your own concrete slab.

HIGH QUALITY: All of our steel frame kits are manufactured using high-quality steel and come standard with a 50-year durability warranty, so you can make your decision to build risk-free. Our steel will never burn, shrink, twist or rot.

MODIFICATIONS: If you are wanting, adjustments on any of our plans, changing walls, room sizes, or locations of a room, or wanting the floor space bigger, contact us, and our team will be more than happy to assist and create your ideal home.


Every floor plan on the Home depot or on our website allows you to change or modify any design and customize plans to the floor plan size. You can purchase our plans directly from home depot or direct from us. For example, if you are looking at a floor plan which is 1000ft we allow all the changes you require within that size.

If you are building your home above ground on stilts, you will require an engineered floor and deck for the model. However if you are wanting to build on a concrete slab foundation with no flooring system and deck, you will have the ability to use that size as your floor plan size at no extra cost to customize. For example on the home depot we have the bungalow which is 1493 sqft , which is designed to be constructed above ground with a flooring system and deck with a loft, however if you are wanting to have a concrete slab foundation, we can customize this size (1493 sqft) to suit you at no extra cost and you can still purchase this size on the home depot, we can customize before purchase, which is recommended, or after purchase.

What's included in the kit?

Your PLUS 1 Home kit comes with 

1. Steel stud framing structure (steel stud frame only)
2. Framing calculation package
3. Stamped Engineering plans for the Steel Stud Frame only
4. Assembly hardware and instruction booklet

Plans & Certifications

  • Signed Engineer’s certification for all structural aspects of the building and if required an engineered floor system design for your steel frame structure to be approved for all your building code requirements
  • Calculations package for your foundation requirements, for your engineer to work out your foundations engineering
  • All fixings and detailed set out plans.

Structure & Framing

  • Prefabricated steel wall frames
  • High tensile tie-down for bolts for fixing all wall framing.
  • Prefabricated steel roof trusses and associated roof members.
  • Steel roof battens and Steel ceiling battens.
  • G90 Galvanized American steel

Structural Upgrade Options

Hurricane Rating

Non-Standard Upgrade Option

All our Steel frame kits are standard Cat3 rated. Depending on your environmental requirements we can engineer and modify your framing kit for your county, for any permits and your personal needs.

Snow Load Rating

Non-Standard Upgrade Option

We understand some areas of the USA have greater snow loads requirements. We can discuss your requirements and engineer and modify our structural designs to suit your needs.

Elevated Floor System

Non-Standard Upgrade Option

An elevated floor system is designed if you are wanting to build your steel framing kit above the ground type foundation, we have flooring system for each model to suit your foundation type.

Raised Steel Floor

Non-Standard Upgrade Option

Most builders favour using concrete slab foundations because they are relatively easy to install and reduce overall construction time. They are virtually maintenance free and can be designed to suit all soil conditions

Not only does steel offer a fast, simple and cost effective solution in the short term. It’s also easy to take care of in the long term. These require a very low amount of maintenance to keep it looking great and performing at its best.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with my Steel Stud Frame purchase on Home Depot?
  1. Steel stud framing structure (steel stud frame only)
  2. Framing calculation package
  3. Stamped Engineering plans for the Steel Stud Frame only
  4. Assembly hardware and instruction booklet

Plus 1 has a National MEPS Engineer to ensure your Steel Stud Framing Structure will achieve permits. (This is a separate service we can provide for an additional fee, otherwise the Buyer is responsible for the purchase. There are NO RETURNS once the order is placed.)

Does Plus 1 Homes offer any other services in addition to the steel stud frame?



  1. Pre-Construction Services: Plus 1 Construction Services helps to identify your soft costs. These are costs you will need to budget for in your construction project. They consist of; utility connection fees and trenching, septic, well water, abatement issues, height and footprint restrictions, soils-civil-MEPS engineers, architects, city fees and permits to name a few.
    Pre-Construction Services
  2. Construction Services: Plus 1 Construction Services can provide start to finish construction support. From design, to permit, to the key to your front door.
    Construction Services
  3. Financing and Land Allocation: Our team can help determine financing that may be available to you including locating the parcel that will meet your building and budget needs. Our team connects with over 160 lenders across the United States to identify the type of loan that is needed for your project.
  4. Manufacturing: Our Engineering and Fabricating team has a custom built approach, known as a “Panelized Steel Assembly System”. This system produces sections of your home’s walls, ceilings, and roof (your design or ours) that are ready for assembly upon delivery. Our steel stud framing engineers provide a calculation package and stamped steel stud frame plans based on the prelim plan. Based on the civil and soils report, calculation package and the stamped steel stud frame plans, the MEPS / foundation engineer will create the permit submission set of plans.This set of plans must go through “plan check” in your area to determine what local code revisions need to be made. Then corrections can be completed by all parties and then resubmitted for permits. Once plan check is passed then fabrication can begin. These are all services provided by Plus 1 to ensure your build is completed to your local code and city requirements. Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss our services.
What size can I construct without a permit?

Plus 1 Small Spaces© range from 100-120 sq.ft. This size is generally accepted to build without a permit. There are also some locations which allow up to 200 sq.ft. Contact your building authorities to identify what your location requires, or you can Contact Us to hear about the Pre-Construction research packages we offer to assist with this process.

Something to keep in mind: If you’re looking to build a Plus 1 frame with utilities, a permit will always be required.

Where is the steel framing manufactured?

All of our steel frames are manufactured in the USA using American steel.

Plus 1 Homes delivers to all 50 states. Shipping costs to Alaska and Hawaii are to be determined. Please Contact Us if you’re interested in delivery outside of the mainland USA.

Why do you use steel frames over lumber?
  • Fabrication and manufacturing process that promotes efficiency in installation
  • Steel framing is 100% termite and borer proof
  • Steel won’t bend, twist, warp, or mold
  • Pre punched holes in framing provides easier installation of electrical and plumbing
  • No cutting or changes are necessary, meaning no waste. As opposed to lumber cut on site having an average of 15% waste.
  • Our Panelized Steel Stud Framing system creates a faster installation method as opposed to standard “stick-build” framing. Construction times to erect the frames are completed in less than half the time of a “stick-build” home.
  • Discounted insurance policies. Contact your insurance company, as you may receive a discounted policy due to the increased durability of our steel homes and their resilience to extreme weather and fires
  • Steel framing is more environmentally friendly. Steel buildings have lasted up to 150-years and are known to stand the test of time.
What type of steel do you use?

All of our steel is from the USA and is G90 galvanized for the highest protection.

Galvanized steel refers to a process that coasts mild steel with a layer of zinc to provide good corrosion resistance. Our steel supply offers G90 Galvanized steel, meaning that the zinc coating is a minimum of 0.90 ounces per square foot (coating both sides of the sheet).

Depending on your requirements for your county, building codes, and environmental needs, the gauge of the steel and engineering may change.

What upgrades does Plus 1 offer?

Plus 1 offers many upgrade options. Each upgrade will have a price increase based on the model being purchased. Simply purchase your model with Home Depot and Contact Us to purchase your upgrades.


  1. Location Upgrades
    Seismic, high wind, and snow engineering upgrades are available and will be added to your frame purchase based on location requirements. Our frames can be upgraded to withstand winds up to 175+ MPH and snow loads up to 120 lbs. per sq.ft.
  2. Foundation Upgrades
    The Flooring System will vary depending on your requirements. Based on the Buyer’s property, a standard concrete foundation may not be possible. Therefore, a raised foundation may be necessary and a flooring system may be required.
  3. Loft Upgrades
    Based on your city’s height restriction, you may be limited to adding a Loft to your model. Some of our models are predesigned to include a loft. When considering adding a loft to your model, identifying your height restrictions will be necessary.
  4. Garage Upgrades
    Adding a Garage to your model will be calculated differently than livable square footage.
What is the Plus 1 Approach?

During the 15 Minute Phone Call with a Plus 1 Associate, we follow the process below for all new Clients:

  1. Appointment with a Plus 1 Associate, per scheduled 15 Minute Phone Call
  2. Identify cost per square foot x home size within budget
  3. Discuss Plus 1’s additional services to ensure the Client is informed of the overall build process. This includes, but is not limited to the following:
    1. Pre Construction (Researching city building codes, requirements, improvements, etc.)
    2. Additional National Services ie: Financing, MEPS Engineering, Estimating, etc.
    3. National Construction Services (labor and material)
    4. Email Client the Summary Proposal. This provides a breakdown of estimated costs associated with your total project
    5. Schedule a follow-up call to review Summary Proposal and connect with Financing Division (if requested)
    6. Ensure Client has taken the necessary steps to check building codes prior to fabrication beginning
    7. Modification, Design Consultation, and other services available upon request
Does Plus 1 offer multiple unit packages for builders/developers?

Yes. Plus 1 offers a package deal! Speak to your local Special Order department within Home Depot or we can discuss this with you. Contact Us

What is the time frame for delivery?

After taking ALL of the steps listed above and providing the plan check approval to your Plus 1 Associate, your frame can be fabricated and delivered within 8-12 weeks depending on the size and quantity of homes.

Can I get a Materials/Takeoff list?

Of course! Once you place your purchase, simply Contact Us and we will happily assist in providing a generic Dry In material list. (Materials necessary to wrap the outside of the structure and close in the exterior)

How do we know where to connect each piece?

The steel frame is labelled and instructions are provided upon delivery.

Does Plus 1 offer Construction Services?

Yes. Plus 1 Construction Services works with Plus 1 Homes to offer full construction services beginning to end for our clients. Schedule a 15 Minute Phone Call to discuss this service.

Can I modify the plans?

Yes, you can!  Minor modifications, such as changing the rough openings of the windows and doors can be done. Other modifications can also be done to the design, such as changing walls, higher ceilings, etc. These changes will incur an additional cost, as it will change the engineering and the updated design. This will need to be signed off by our Engineer/Architectural Designer. We can discuss this cost before you purchase. Contact Us!

Can I get a copy of the prelim plans to get permits to build for my location?

Yes, we can provide you with the preliminary plans for your steel frame. However, your county will require a full set of MEPS plans, including foundation in order to submit for permits. For further assistance please Contact Us.

How are the steel frames delivered?

The steel frames are delivered on a flatbed truck. The example pictured below is the Bungalow model. You will need a forklift on site or two or more people to lift it off the truck. (Maximum weight for the largest steel stud panel is approximately 150 pounds) See example photos below of our Steel Stud Frames and common delivery method.


What your kit includes


Choose a best selling tiny house and customize the exterior and interior finishes to your exact requirements. The architectural design we have developed for you leave open the final aesthetic design possibilities of kitchens bathrooms & flooring – which are left up to you to finalize with local contractors. This ensures you get the exact features & finishing you desire. Upgrades from the standard kit features are available for cladding, Roofing, Windows & Interior finishes only.


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