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PLUS 1 Home Kits & Construction Services are here to make your experience easier and more affordable. In our PLUS 1 inventory, you will find many self-build solutions to suit your project needs. Our custom built kits range from 96 square feet up to 3,000 or larger. These models represent studios, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom units, up to 4 bedrooms or more. All of our models come with unlimited design options! PLUS 1 Home Kits’ inventory provides solutions to your project while giving a practical and stylish appearance.

PLuS 1 Home Kits can be designed to suit any environment or location on the globe.
All available models can be modified for requirements in seismic, hurricane, tornado, heavy snow load or other uncommon building circumstances.

Our kits can withstand winds up to 175+ MPH and snow loads up to 120 lbs. per square foot. Building with steel not only delivers a protected investment, but a home equipped to meet the challenges of Mother Nature.

Our Team

Our Manufacturing team consists of professionals who have worked in building and constructing manufactured steel frame projects for residential housing, hospitals, and other commercial structures all over America and abroad.

Our Engineering and Design team creates a custom built approach, known as a “Panelized Steel Assembly System”. This system produces sections of your home’s walls, ceilings, and roof that are ready for assembly upon delivery. Our engineering and design team ensures each order is ready to meet all building codes and zoning requirements.

Our Pre-Construction team focuses on the intricacies needed to ensure your home can be built with efficiency and quality. This includes, but is not limited to the following: utility availability and connection requirements (electrical and water), sewer connection, septic tanks, well water, geo tech soil testing, zoning, building department requirements, MEPS engineering needed for permits, city & government communication, planning department, permit issuance, working with Real Estate agents, land allocation and development, subdivision planning, streets/curb and gutter, fire department requirements, and possibly much more.

Our Construction & Build team helps to determine the materials necessary to build each project, along with working with the client to ensure the quality and look they deserve. This includes material take off, research of product availability, and determining cost  per square foot to build. We work as consultants to each client in the hiring of direct contractors to build each project. This allows our clients to benefit from our extensive experience and ensures the quality of construction and timeline management.

Our divisions have over 100 years of combined experience in manufacturing, project management, and construction.

PLUS 1 Construction Services Consulting Packages

Our 3 Consulting Packages are available to assist in the Pre-Construction phase. We are experienced in taking the necessary steps to obtain the right information. As a consultant, we develop relationships along the way to ensure approvals are gained and inspections passed efficiently and cost effectively.

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American Iron and Steel Institute

Made in the USA with American Steel

The benefits of Steel Framing:

  • Fabrication and manufacturing process that promotes efficiency in installation
  • Steel framing that is 100% termite and borer proof
  • Steel won’t shrink, twist or warp
  • Steel won’t ignite or combust in a house fire
  • Service holes in framing make it easier for trades to run cables and pipes


G90 Galvanised American Steel is made for residential and commercial framing. Our quality control ensues the products consistency!

This includes a 50 year warranty

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Some of the Available Designs

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