The Manchester 2 Bedroom 1 Bathrooms 742 sq. ft. Tiny small Home, Steel Frame Building Kit, ADU investment, Upgrade options avl

Engineering Plans

Do you need the engineering plans to get finance approval? Contact us today so we can help you get the engineering plans you need.

The Manchester by PLUS 1 Is a stylish design. It exhibits a modern and open plan living/kitchen and dining area with 9ft ceilings. The Steel frame structure does not come with doors, windows, electrical, plumbing, or finishes, it has allowances in the steel frame structure design for all elements required, including Provisions for, a spacious kitchen and living portion, two bedrooms, and 1 centrally located bathroom, Designed to be constructed on a concrete foundation* takes about 5 days to construct the building skeleton). You can choose to upgrade this model with a flooring & deck system at the front or Side of the home or both, and raise the home above ground on stilts. The extra outdoor space can be used as a creative, multi-purpose section that comes in handy for entertaining guests or constructing another level that can act as a garage, game, music, sports room, or for other entertainment purposes.

Take a look at our Photo ideas and Floor plans.

Environmentally Friendly and Sustainable: Ensuring your investment lasts for generations, the PLuS1® DIY home steel kit provides maximum strength and durability. Steel frame buildings are not affected by termites, mold, rodents, and bugs, they are also fire resistant and less prone to damage your home. Steel is also recyclable, making it the pioneer of environment-friendly projects.

Durable & High-Quality Steel: All our steel frames are manufactured using pure G90 galvanized USA steel with a 50-year warranty. This allows the steel to be corrosion resistant, it does not rot, buckle, divide, or splinter over the time remaining true and straight. Our steel frame house kits are built to adapt to various house challenges, with features like thicker walls to improve insulation and extra engineering to make it resilient to extreme weather conditions.

Cost and Time Efficient: Our home steel kits are delivered free to any location in the mainland USA. With pre-assembled steel panels, walls, ceilings & roofs, including detailed step-by-step instructions, easy to construct, saving 70% of your time/labor costs.

Building Codes and Zone Requirements: PLUS 1 Home Kits are architecturally designed and approved by a professional engineer to comply with your location’s building codes and zoning requirements, as an extra bonus, all our steel frame kits are engineered to withstand harsh climates, including the ones affected by cyclones and hurricanes at no extra cost. If you require the stamped certificate by a professional engineer and want to purchase the architectural structural plans and calculations that meet your location’s building codes. Contact us.

Need a contractor in your area contact us and we will organize one for you.

Personalization: Our PLUS 1 Home kits consist of only the steel frame structure (shell) and the necessary components to assemble them. Which gives you the ability to design and finish a home uniquely: select windows, doors, plumbing, electrical and other hardware to match your spatial needs, budget, and personal style. Modifications to our designs. At PLUS 1 we understand your home or your investment is unique to your taste/requirements, which is why we will adapt and change the design to meet these needs. Any design changes within the size of the home will be at no cost, find out more.

Take-off List Provided: Due to variations in personal styles, the materials list we provide you with will be a cost estimate and a list of materials required to finish your home. Allowing you to work out the cost of finishing your home, take your list to your Local Home Depot store and their helpful customer service team will you a more accurate price for you based on your location and personal requirements. The other option is to contact us and we can organize the material list with your local home depot and organize the material list to be delivered to your location, contact us about this process works.

Included in Your Purchase: When you purchase a PLUS 1 Home steel kit, it’s inclusive of the delivery at your location, with a stamped certificate by a professional engineer, architectural structural plans and calculations that meet your location’s building codes, with the calculations, includes the house load bearings, which will assist with your foundation requirements, for your engineer, who is taking care of your foundation needs. You will also receive, the  pre-assembled numbered panels and the brackets/fittings along with assembling instructions to help you construct your structure. Please note that any permits required for your home are not included in your purchase.

We also supply preliminary plans, on request, you can show them to your local building authorities to get approval for the home before you purchase our PLUS 1 home kit. After you purchase, our engineer will prepare, the structural engineering plans and calculations for your home, and production, to meet all the building code requirements for your location before your Steel frame structure is delivered

Other Features Available: The design and model in the display showcase a concrete slab foundation. However, PLUS 1 Home kits offer several other options ranging from flooring systems to deck/porch variations, crawl space, and basement-type foundations with engineer assistance and manufacturing for stilts. Please read the FAQs for more information.


Product Depth (in.) - 312
Product Height (in.) - 144
Product Width (in.) - 372


Hardware Included: Yes, Steel frame structure
Pre-cut: Yes, Panelized frames
Returnable: Non-returnable
Wood pieces included: No
Delivery: Yes, included to your location

Warranty / Certifications

50 year warranty icon
Manufacturer Warranty: Yes, 50 years
Architectural Plans and Engineering Cerfications: Yes
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