The Sea Breeze 1 Bedroom 366 sq. ft. Tiny, Small, Home, Steel Frame Building Kit, ADU, Cabin, Guest house, Backyard rental, Home office

Engineering Plans

Do you need the engineering plans to get finance approval? Contact us today so we can help you get the engineering plans you need.

The Sea Breeze by Plus 1® Home Kits, perfect as a bachelor or singles pad or ADU, is designed for comfortable and affordable living. The Steel frame structure, which you are purchasing only (along with other inclusions and options as listed below),  does not include pricing for finishings including doors, windows, electrical, plumbing and other finishes, however, it has allowances in the steel frame structure design for all elements required, including Provisions for, in the 366 sq ft space spans out to accommodate a large bathroom and laundry area, an open kitchen and dining area with a high ceiling to let in ample fresh air and light, and finally, a living area that can alternate between a bedroom and a lounge.

The Sea Breeze is to be constructed on a concrete foundation, * takes about 1 to 3 days to construct the building skeleton), with upgrade options available.

Offering adaptability, strength, and durability, our steel frame home kit is efficient and requires minimum experience or tools to help build your dream home. A flooring system and deck options are available or even add a loft, for this model to ensure you get your desired thermal, acoustic, outdoor-lounge properties and extra room. This compact home-kit works great as a Backyard rental, ADU, home office, business space, or for any other small-scale purpose. Take a look at our Photo ideas and Floor plans.

This model is designed to be constructed on a concrete slab with no deck option, the deck and flooring system is an upgrade option.

*There are no finishes included with the steel frame kit.

The Sea Breeze has many size and design options.

*See floor plans and photos 

Cost and Time Efficient: Our steel home kits are delivered free to any location in the mainland of the USA (in most cases). With pre-assembled steel panels, from, walls, ceiling & the roof, including detailed step-by-step instructions, easy to construct, saving time and labor costs.

The Benefits of Steel Framing:

The PLuS 1®  Home Steel Kit provides maximum strength and durability ensuring your investment lasts for generations. All our steel frames are manufactured using pure G90 galvanized USA steel.

  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Fabrication and manufacturing process that promotes efficiency in installation
  • Steel framing that is 100% termite and borer proof
  • Steel won’t shrink, twist or warp
  • Steel won’t ignite or combust in a house fire
  • Service holes in framing make it easier for trades to run cables and pipes
  • Steel is also fire resistant.
  • Steel is also recyclable, supporting the environment.
  • Steel provides durability and flexibility in structural design.
  • Steel is corrosion resistant, does not rot, buckle, or splinter

*You can finish your project with a wide range of design materials SEPARATE FROM THIS FRAME KIT.

Included in Your Purchase: When you purchase a PLuS 1® steel home kit, you receive the following:

  • Delivery to your location (in most cases at no extra charge)
  • Stamped certificate by a professional engineer and calculations that meet your location’s building codes
  • Architectural prelim construction plans
  • The pre-assembled numbered panels and the brackets/fittings
  • Assembly instructions

*Please note that any permits required for your home are not included in your purchase.

Building Codes and Zone Requirements: PLuS 1® home kits are architecturally designed and approved by a professional engineer to comply with your location’s building codes and zoning requirements. As an extra bonus, all our steel frame kits can be engineered to withstand harsh climates, including the ones affected by snow, cyclones, and hurricanes.

*If you require the stamped certificate by a professional engineer, and want to purchase the architectural structural plans and calculations that meet your location’s building codes, please contact us.

Modifications to our design: At PLuS 1®Home Kits we understand your home or your investment is unique to your personal taste/requirements, which is why we will adapt and change the design to meet these needs. Any design changes within the size of the home will be at no cost.(in most cases)

*Contact us to find out more

Take-off List Provided: Due to variations in personal styles, the material and scope of work list can be provided at an extra cost. This estimate / materials list will help you to work out the cost of finishing your home. Simply take your list to your Local Home Depot store and their helpful customer service team will provide you a more accurate price for you based on your location and personal requirements.

Other Features Available: Please read the FAQs for more information and to CONTACT US.

We offer services to help YOU with as little or as much of the building project as YOU need.

Our Pre-Construction team focuses on the intricacies needed to ensure your home can be built with efficiency and quality. Contact us for more information.

Our Construction & Build team helps to determine the materials necessary to build each project, along with working with the Client to ensure the quality and look they deserve. This includes material take off, research of product availability, and determining cost per square foot to build. We work as consultants to each Client in the hiring of direct contractors to build each project. This allows our Clients to benefit from our extensive experience and ensures the quality of construction and timeline management.


Product Depth (in.) - 156
Product Height (in.) - 134.4
Product Width (in.) - 376.8


Hardware Included: Yes, Steel frame structure
Pre-cut: Yes, Panelized frames
Returnable: Non-returnable
Wood pieces included: No
Delivery: Yes, included to your location

Warranty / Certifications

50 year warranty icon
Manufacturer Warranty: Yes, 50 years
Architectural Plans and Engineering Cerfications: Yes
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