What is a PLUS 1 steel kit?

Whether you roll up your sleeves and participate in assembling the PLUS 1 Home Kit yourself or take a more hands-off approach and manage the process, building your own Personal Luxury Space puts you in control of the buying and building experience.

From picking out your design to receiving all the materials to final assembly, the PLUS 1 way is the innovative solution to adding more space to your home.

Made in the USA with American Steel

G90 Galvanized American Steel is made for residential and commercial framing and is backed by a fifty year warranty offered by the manufacturer. Quality control is such that we can precision roll, cut and factory assemble to the highest standards that are expected.

Better than timber

Steel Frames are up to 70% lighter than timber. Our frames will not rot, shrink, twist or became unstable like timber when moisture is present. Our steel framing systems are a very stable product, which is not subject to the variations of nature’s settings.

Hurricane & Termite Proof

Our steel kit homes are made from, you guessed it – steel. We’ve found that this gives our customers peace of mind, knowing their home is built with durable materials, put together with professional engineering that’s designed to handle harsh weather conditions with strength and durability. Also, as a bonus, you can be sure that your home will have NO termites, be hurricane and cyclone proof as well as many more advantages!

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